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Thai Massage Trilogy- Santa Cruz

  • 418 Project, Santa Cruz 418 Front Street Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 United States (map)

The Sacred Dance of Thai Yoga Massage
February Workshop Trilogy with Micha Merrick and Adam Mednick

In this workshop trilogy totalling 12 hours of teaching over three successive Sunday afternoons, we will explore deeply several aspects of this rich and dynamic bodywork tradition: the invitation to deeply relax and the dynamic movement as a sacred dance, as well as working with medicinal herbs in our bodywork practice.

Part 1: Feb 11, 2018 - 2PM - 6PM - Introduction to Savasana - Foundations for giving and receiving healing touch of That Yoga Massage. Supine Position - Beyond basic leg love, we will explore techniques for healthy opening of hips, adductors, and the neck.

Part 2: Feb 18, 2018 - 2PM - 6PM - Prone & Side Position - Flipped over onto to the belly, we study techniques for supporting healthy glutes, hamstrings, SI joint, and lower back. Side Position - Exploration of techniques for the outside lines of the leg (TFL & IT band), getting deep into releasing piraformis, as well as deeper work with the shoulders.

Part 3: Feb 25, 2018 - 2PM - 6PM - Homemade Herbal Compress - Central to the heart of the Thai healing tradition is the art of Herbal compress massage. Wild medicinal plants are carefully chosen and lovingly wrapped in cotton cloth, steamed, and massaged into areas of tension and stagnant energy, delivering the plant's essences directly to specific points in the body. This technique is especially useful for relief of deep muscular tension and inflammation and as a spiritual aid to overcome anxiety. The technique is also very useful in support of many women's health topics including hormonal balance, strong period pains, fertility support, pregnancy, postnatal healing.

Originally coming from the Ayurvedic ashrams of India and culturally adapted in the Buddhist temples Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage is a moving meditation and a natural extension of movement practice for both the giver and receiver. In many traditional and eastern cultures, healing touch is a sacred and necessary form of daily nourishment, not the luxury spa service we know of in the west!

Students should wear comfortable movement clothing. Bringing a partner is encouraged but not necessary. No prior experience necessary.

SPECIAL OFFER: $120 preregistration for full series by Feb 10

$50 each workshop with online preregistration

$60 each workshop at the door, space permitting