Integrative Thai Yoga Massage

Originating in the Ayurvedic ashrams of India and refined in the Buddhist temples of Thailand, this healing art is deeply therapeutic on all levels. Each session combines a meditative flow of rhythmic pressure, acupressure release, gentle harmonic movement and restorative yoga postures. Thai yoga Massage helps restore energy, structural balance and induces deep states of healing relaxation. 

Herbal Bodywork

Imagine warm herbal tea leaves massaging your tension away. As aromatic herbs, wrapped in cotton cloth are delicately steamed and pressed into areas of tension, natural essential oils are released. The warmth allows the body to naturally open and soften absorbing the plants medicinal properties. A selection of fresh herbs and wild medicinal plants (many of which I grow or forage myself) are combined with organically grown traditional plant medicines gathered on my travels through South East Asia. 

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage: 

For expecting mothers, this nurturing massage combines the essence of Integrative Thai massage with special techniques to safely ease the unique conditions of pregnancy. After your baby’s birth, I offer a series of herbal bodywork treatments to help you restore and rejuvenate, including Balinese abdominal work, Thai herbal steam rejuvenation, and postnatal yoga. 

Birth Doula (Holistic labor support)

Historically, women in labor are supported by a circle of caring women. As birth becomes increasingly medicalized, this important human connection is all but lost. Research shows that female labor support greatly improves birth outcomes. I have helped fifteen women give birth naturally. My role as a doula includes a prenatal visit, assistance with birth planning, support through your entire labor, including massage, relaxation support and other natural comfort measures helping you and your partner have an empowered birth, honoring the sacred nature of your experience. 

Yoga Sessions:

I teach a flowing style of Tantric Hatha Yoga with classes and retreats worldwide, check my calendar for details. Deepen your yoga practice with private yoga instruction. Working together we will create a personal practice using physical asana, mantra, and meditation to guide your process towards greater wellbeing and connection to spirit.