Micha Merrick

Micha is using techniques from yoga and Thai Yoga Massage to help women deliver babies naturally. Time and again, she’s seen the wild strength and fluid grace of feminine nature first hand, creating circles of support for women through song, dance, yoga and massage.

Micha is an internationally certified Birth Doula through DONA International. She served as a Prenatal Yoga instructor, Thai Massage therapist and Birth Doula at Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bali, Indonesia. Although not yet a mother herself, Micha is deeply connected to the transitionary power of new life coming into being and the support of these passges. At present she traveling the world co-teaching BirthLight on tour Motherhood Yoga Teacher Trainings and her own Thai Pregnancy and Herbal Massage Training Retreats. 

Thai massage studies includes  Women's Healthcare Massage and Herbalism at Watpo School of Traditional Medicine, Bangkok. Pregnancy Massage at ITM and apprenticeship at the Asokananda School of Traditional Thai Massage and Ayruvedic Bodywork, Chiang Mai and  traditional healers, shamanic midwives and folk herbalists for the Lahu Hilltribe villages. 

Brother Sun Sister Moon

In tune with the Flow of Nature, we are all microcosms of the universe. I believe we exist in healing relationship to each other. Searching for ways to deepen this relationship, through yoga, healing touch, plant medicine, gentle birth, song, dance and circles of support, I truly hope to spread the light I find. Hatha Yoga teaches a balance of Sun-like and Moon-like energy. Prayers for Brother Sun and Sister Moon came from the lips of Saint Francis, many original cultures honor this balance. I find peace in connection to these cycles. You are a natural being, a part of a process older than time, a unique balance of elemental forces, of masculine and feminine, earth, air, fire and water. You embody the Sun and Moon in a unique natural balance. Discover your own innate healing power and open to all the beauty contained in this life.


Gratitude to my Birth-Keeper teachers Midwife Robin Lim, Debra Pascali Bonaro and Midwife Katherine Bramhall and all the traditional Thai and Indonesian midwives who generously shared their sacred knowledge with me. You've shown me how gentile birth can be.  Gratitude to the mothers who have welcomed me into the birth-room, the most sacred experience of new life coming into being. 

Gratitude to my family for instilling in me a deep reverence for nature. My mother for her energy, empowering birth stories and an early introduction to yoga, My father for his calm presence and meditative awareness. For my sister Amy, thank you for walking beside me on this path to deeper self-awareness and understanding. My family is my clearest mirror.

Gratitude to all the yoga teachers who've touched my practice and shed light on my path, My Kripalu Yoga sanga especially Devarshi Hartman, Jovinna Chan, Jurian Hues and Jacky Reynolds. Swami Sivananda and his lineage. Brian Kest, Govin Das, Ketut Bandiastra and Ibu Manku. Gratitude to my Sunshine Network family, Laurino, Chatchoi, Itszack, TIll, Pau and all the Thai Massage teachers who have given me skills to touch the body, mind and heart with awareness and compassion. 

Photo credits: Nikki Brand, Amy Merrick, and Jules Seman